Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)

Introduction to NTNP

Prospective immigrants seeking opportunities to work and settle in Canada can pursue Canadian Permanent Residency through the Northwest Territories’ Provincial Nominee Program (NTNP). Located in the northern part of Canada, the Northwest Territories offer stunning wilderness and vibrant small communities. The region has a consistent demand for skilled and other workers in sectors like mining, energy, construction, transportation, and tourism. Immigrants possessing the expertise and skills needed by the Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Certificate can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency.

NTNP Programs

The NTNP processes applications under two main programs: the Northwest Territories Employer Driven Program and the Northwest Territories Business Immigration Program.

Northwest Territories Employer Driven Program

This program encompasses three streams:

Express Entry System for Skilled Workers

The NTNP Express Entry Stream for Skilled Workers is designed to invite Express Entry candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for the Skilled Worker stream. Approved foreign nationals can apply through this stream.

Minimum Eligibility:

Skilled Worker Stream

This stream enables the Northwest Territories Government to nominate skilled workers with job offers from local employers. Applicants must have worked in the same position for at least six months within the Northwest Territories.

Minimum Eligibility:

Critical Impact Worker Stream

This stream aids the Northwest Territories government in selecting skilled or unskilled workers with job offers from local employers. Applicants should have worked in the NWT for a minimum of six months.

Minimum Eligibility:

Northwest Territories Business Immigration Program

This program consists of one stream: the Business Stream.

Business Stream

The NTNP Business Stream is designed for foreign nationals with the capacity to start, acquire, or invest in existing businesses. The business should contribute to the NWT’s economy and job creation.

Minimum Eligibility:

Application Procedure

Applying for permanent residency under the NTNP program may appear straightforward, but complexities can arise. Expert support and guidance may be necessary. Vancouver Inc. has assisted numerous potential immigrants in achieving permanent residency in the NWT. With our extensive experience, we can make your journey smooth and successful. Contact us for a consultation session.

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