Federal Skilled Trade

Federal Skilled Trade

Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSWC)

Skilled tradespeople worldwide can utilize the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) to achieve permanent immigration to Canada. The FSTP is synchronized with the Express Entry selection system, streamlining the immigration process for tradespersons. Established in 2013, it remains the sole specialized immigration avenue for skilled trade professionals. Engaging an informed immigration consultant can simplify the process of applying for the FSTP.

Benefits of the Federal Skilled Trades Class

The FSTP addresses labor shortages in trade occupations, supporting Canada’s economic growth. Additionally, the aging population and low birth rates contribute to a scarcity of skilled labor in these fields. This motivated the introduction of the FSTP, which extends numerous advantages to immigrants.

Requirements for the Federal Skilled Trades Class

Below are the essential prerequisites for eligibility in the FSTP:

Eligible Trades for the Federal Skilled Trades Class

The FSTC considers skilled work experience eligible within the following categories of the National Occupational Classification (NOC):

Group 72 – Industrial, Electrical, and Construction Trades

Group 73 – Maintenance and Equipment Operation Trades

Group 82 – Supervisors and Technical Jobs in Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Related Production

Group 92 – Processing, Manufacturing, and Utilities Supervisors and Central Control Operators

Group 632 – Chefs and Cooks

Group 633 – Butchers and Bakers

Certain provinces, including Ontario, have distinct programs like the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program specifically tailored for individuals selecting Ontario as their destination under the Skilled Trade category.

While this program doesn’t mandate an education requirement, to accrue education-related points in Express Entry, an applicant can meet the requirement through either of the following:

Application Process for the Federal Skilled Trades Class

Eligible individuals for the Federal Skilled Trades Program must utilize the Express Entry selection process to secure an Invitation to Apply. Engaging with an immigration expert to create or assess your Express Entry profile is recommended. Here are essential steps to consider:

  1. Ensure you can substantiate a minimum of two years of relevant work experience. If you fall short, consider enhancing your work experience profile.
  2. Your skilled trade must align with the list of recognized occupations by IRCC to qualify under FSTP.
  3. Have valid proofs of language test results showcasing your language proficiency.
  4. Having neither a valid job offer nor a provincial certificate may render you ineligible for FSTP application.
  5. Create an Express Entry profile through the IRCC web portal. Seek assistance from an experienced immigration counselor to complete this crucial step meticulously.
  6. Take proactive measures to elevate your CRS score if you believe it might be below the required threshold.
  7. Receive an Invitation to Apply.
  8. Submit an electronic Application for Permanent Residence (e-APR) by fulfilling background checks and police verifications.
  9. Immigration authorities review your e-APR.
  10. Processing and issuance of Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) to the candidate.
  11. Receive your Permanent Resident card upon arrival at the Port of Entry.

For completing the Express Entry profile and other essential applications to acquire permanent residence status, you can rely on Vancouver Services Inc. Visit us to discover strategies for enhancing your CRS score, ensuring a favorable outcome.

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